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About us

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Welcome to Karen Cottage

Karen Cottage is an online Thai Karen Hill tribe silver store. We bring Hill tribe silver product direct from Thai Karen Hill tribe village. All of our products are original from Karen silversmith. Our base is located in Chiang Mai, the Northern Province of Thailand, 650 km from Bangkok-Capital city of Thailand. So we can contact them directly and can also bring your custom design
Karen silversmiths are not employed in any company. They make the silver and sell them to silver store in Chiang Mai city (and some store in Bangkok). The superior quality of Karen Hill tribe silver because they use the almost pure silver to make and the craftsmanship which pass through Generations. And with the missing of 700 years history of Chiang Mai and Thai Karen hill tribe craftsmanship. This makes their product have unique design also with modern design laid with spirit of silversmith inside their product.
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