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Karen Cottage : Vermeil Process

Vermeil is process that plated or coated gold on Fine silver Jewelry or Sterling silver. The “Vermeil” is use for only for Sterling silver or higher silver content product as base material. If the base material has silver content less than Sterling silver (or less than 92.50% silver content). We are not use vermeil term for them; we called gold plated or gold coated. The minimum gold quality that use in vermeil is 10k Gold with thickness of gold surface more than 3.0 micron (about 0.0000076 inch).

Rose gold vermeil is similar process as original gold vermeil. But Rose gold vermeil process add small amount Copper to create the mix Gold and Copper color, pink color. The Shinny pink color is same as color when we combine 55% of Gold and 45% Copper but the Rose Gold vermeil use less Copper cause of the effect of Silver base Color.

Our Karen Hill Tribe silver has silver content more than 98% with 24k Gold in vermeil solution, adding about 15% of Copper for Rose Gold vermeil. This can help longer time before the vermeil start wear off from silver. But Copper is easier to oxidize (reaction with Oxygen in the Air). The pink color of Rose Gold product will turn to more Red-look about 3 months after use (depending on using condition).

The Gold color start to worn off after 6 month using. But it can last on silver about 2 years. The Higher silver content and Karat of Gold make longer time. You can help to keep the Gold color by using water and soap to wash. No hard rub, keep away for other metal and always keep them in container when you are not ware them.

Every silver product in our store is available for Gold vermeil and Rose gold vermeil. By using the Vermeil Hill Tribe silver product. You can expand your design with more colors. In other hand you can save your jewelry cost than using the real gold.

We currently offer some Vermeil items in our store. You can visit out "Vermeil" category to view sample of Gold vermeil and Rose Gold silver. Every items and an option for Gold vermeil and Rose Gold vermeil or you can contact us for information of item that you want in color to match your design.