Karen Hill Tribe silver is a handmade, high-quality silver product. The silver, having a 98% and above silver content, is soft enough to work by hand. Karen Hill Tribe Silver offers unique design products by using silversmith techniques passed down through generations. They use silver products to decorate their clothes and adorn their body. Much of the jewelry they wear they have owned since childhood, and they regard it as almost part of their bodies. Sometimes, the Karen Hill Tribe people trade their silver products for other products, such as rice or corn.

Vermeil is the process that plated or coated gold on Fine silver Jewelry or Sterling silver. The “Vermeil” use for only for Sterling silver or higher silver content product as a base material. If the base material has silver content less than Sterling silver (or less than 92.50% silver content). We do not use vermeil term for them; we called gold plated or gold coated. The minimum gold quality that use in vermeil is 10k Gold with thickness of gold surface more than 3.0 micron